The Bayat Foundation

The Bayat Foundation Supports Social Causes in Afghanistan

A charitable foundation established in 2005 by Ehsan Bayat and his wife Fatema, the Bayat Foundation aims to address some of the most pressing social needs in Afghanistan. Since war and conflict have disrupted the educational system in Afghanistan for many years, many children have not had the chance to cultivate critical reasoning and fundamental skills. The Bayat Foundation has responded by building orphanages and learning centers in Kabul, Bamyan, and beyond. The foundation also provided financial support for the American University of Afghanistan, which plays a critical role in postsecondary educational redevelopment.

According to the United Nations Development Programme, Afghanistan has one of the highest infant mortality and under-five mortality rates in the world. To reverse this trend, the foundation focuses its efforts on health care and education. Together with partner donors and likeminded NGOs, the Bayat Foundation has improved access to health care by constructing 13 hospitals across the country. The initiative made an immediate impact, with nearly 200,000 babies born in these maternity facilities in 2009 alone.

Water projects also constitute a major focus of the Bayat Foundation. The majority of the Afghan population lacks access to proper sanitation facilities or drinking water, leaving them exposed to many health risks. Through the construction of four new water wells in affected areas, the foundation has helped local populations to overcome environmental damage and climate issues that have left them without clean water.

In recent news, the Bayat Foundation completed its third annual joint Bayat-Starkey Afghanistan Hearing Care Mission in September 2016. Together with the Starkey Hearing Foundation, the foundation brought a team of hearing care specialists and audiologists to Afghanistan, visiting local communities and offering hearing care free of charge.

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